About Us


OPF Public School Badin was established in 1989 with the key purpose of providing quality education to our beloved children's, specifically. The philosophy of education has always been to develop responsible, energetic & honest Students who would contribute to the progress of the country & its people. The facility has been custom made to ensure a well-rounded education experience. The institution encourages the students to build on their dreams and pursue education not just in classrooms but beyond. The foundation, management & faculty together do their utmost to ensure modern education geared towards making the students ready for the challenges of the future. OPF Public School Badin stands for building the foundation of success & diligence for any dream its students wish to chase.

Message from Managing Director

"OPF Public School Badin is a gateway to intellectual curiosity and learning, providing a pedestal for nourishment of our youth's aspirations and equip them with requisite art, skills and abilities to live an honorable life as citizens of Pakistan. My message to our students in to show scientific query and find intelligent, practical and viable solutions to the confronted issues. Students graduating from this college will In Sha ALLAH be equipped with the type of greatness and skills they will need not jut to survive but to excel in the twenty-first century. I have full faith in the efforts of our dedicated and diligent faculty members, which is manifested in the excellent results of our students over the years in the Boards and Universities. In envision this institution to be known for stimulating minds to think originally, nurturing fertility of thought and encouraging creativity. My dear students, face the challenges and grow in confidence to spring up as the leaders and architects of the future of our Nation. At Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF), it has been our endeavor and we have been consistently striving not only to maintain our high standards but to further improve to be counted as the premier institution of Pakistan. Inspite of large subsidies, our mission has remained to hire the best teachers and to equip students with modern, hi-tec and quality education to meet the growing demands of parents, students and the employers. We are constantly providing best possible facilities in our institutions, updating our curricula and refining skills of our teachers to remain competitive in the education arena."

Best Wishes
Mr. Habib ur Rehman Gillani
Managing Director, Overseas Pakistanis Foundation

Message From Principal

Firstly "We stand on Rules taught to us by our great leader Founder of Pakistan" In additionally The OPF public school believes that education is not about gaining marks achieving position or just getting knowledge but also in development of a well - rounded human being, who is ready to face the challenges of the present and the future but with the spirit of empathy compassion team work and desire to do well serve for Pakistan. A human being can pursue his dream with the necessary skills and knowledge but with a heart of beats of human spirit. And we should be follow Three pillar rules with strong effective communication Students+Parents+teachers.so that our beloved Students future brightly. Indeed the OPF management has biggest source to development in education sector facilitate and diversification resources for empower of societies through powerful tool of education .we believe that inshallah collectively efforts and sincerity of team and group we shall be successful to deliver education with the ethic, and art of life with the continues improvement, inspiration for our student and make themselves effective, honest, responsible of citizen of societies.

Looking forward!
Ms. Shifat Parveen