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If you just help in creating an atmosphere,the rest will be done by the atmosphere itself even the wingless leaves rise high like birds when a powerful storm comes.It is thus spirit of determination, faith and devotion which brings victories into being year after year. We are what we think, all that we rise with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the World to a large extent. Academic excellence is the need of the hour and we cannot deny the fact that it can only be achieved through countless efforts, regular practice and creative positive thinking. At OPF School Dadu, we believe in educating All children by supporting them to learn and grow academically, mentally, psychologically, physically, socially and emotionally. We believe in helping students, discover and develop their strength and passions. We are strongly committed to continue with emphasis on strengthening the pillars of character,trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness and positivity all the way, care, to become a true human being.

Looking forward!
Ms: Taranum Naz
Acting Principal