OPF PS HANGU was established in 1989 with the key purpose of providing quality education to male and female children's, specifically students coming to Pakistan from foreign countries. The institution encourages the students to build on their dreams and pursue education not just in classrooms but beyond. The foundation, management & faculty together do their most to ensure modern education geared towards making the students ready for the challenges of the future. OPF PS HANGU stands for building the foundation of success & diligence for any dream its students wish to chase.

Past Principal

  • Miss: Anjum Tanveer

    Principal 23.05.89 to 22.09.89
  • Mrs. Samira Khan

    Principal 23.09.89 to 22.06.93
  • Mrs. Salma Shah

    Principal 23.06.93 to 31.08.95
  • Mrs. Samira Khan

    Principal 01.09.95 to 24.11.95
  • Mrs. Nusrat Zaman

    Principal 25.11.95 to 15.12.07
  • Mrs. Noureen

    Principal 16.12.07 to 31.03.08
  • Mrs. Anjum Tanveer

    Principal 01.04.08 to 31.11.09
  • Mrs.Noureen

    Principal 01.12.09 to 23.05.10
  • Mrs. Naila Khalid

    Principal 24.05.10 to - till date