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Children play and they learn through playing with their peers, adults and by themselves. The key to nursery education is to provide children with a warm, safe environment where they feel comfortable to explore. And its through exploring that a child will learn.
At our school, we dont believe in pushing a child to learn when they are not ready. They have years and years of formal education ahead of them. Its not constructive to make pre-schoolers sit down formally to learn.
What we do believe in is giving children the tools they need for school and letting them learn both indoors and outdoors.
That means learning to hold a pen, but that can be through drawing pictures, colouring or chalking on the pavement outside. It doesnt mean formally teaching your child to write their name.
It means giving them the language and communication skills to express themselves. That means talking to children, teaching them songs and reading, reading and reading to them. Children love stories and thats one of the best ways they can learn. It also means listening to them and showing them that what they say is important.