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Disciplinary Offenses

i. Hygiene:

  • Neat & appropriate uniform.
  • Observing personal cleanliness

ii. Discipline:

  • Maintaining 75% attendance.
  • Appearing in all examination.
  • Refraining from violating discipline.
  • To be respectful, obedient, courteous towards staff members.
  • To avoid disgraceful/ immodest behavior in/ outside the institution.
  • Not to involve in political activity.
  • To pay school dues in time.
  • Not to damage school property.
iii. Warning:
  • In case a student is found guilty of misconduct or impropriety, any penalty as listed below may be imposed upon the student keeping in view the severity of the offense.
  • Placed on probation (not more than 3 months)
  • 2 weeks suspension.
  • Expelled or Rustication/ expulsion of students.


  • Schedule of examinations: Continuous assessments are part of academics year Term Examination schedule is as under:
    1. First Term Examination: 3rd week of May
    2. Second Term Examination: 2nd week of December
    3. Third Term Examination: 1st week of March
    • Entire syllabus will be covered before commencement of examination for respected term. No Re-test policy.
    • Oder of merit:
    • Merit position of a student for the entire academic session will be determined on basis of average of aggregate marks/percentage obtained by the student in the number of term examination in which she/he has appeared during the academic session.

Promotion Policy

  • i. Play - Nursery:
  • All students will be promoted however, teacher should indicate strengths & weakness of each student in assessment report
  • ii. Nursery to Class X:
  • Students must secure 40% in all subjects.
  • iii. Detention:
  • Students failing in 2 or more subjects & obtaining less than 40% shall not be promoted.
  • Decision regarding submission of admission form to board or SSC will be based upon students' results in sand up exams & recommendation of teachers concerned.
  • Detention test will be held in November-December.
  • Double failure will be withdrawn from school. After issuance of warning.