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Extracurricular activities are a vital organ in modern education. These activities tie in the theory with the practical and enable the faculty to impart education that cannot be imparted within the classroom. Keeping in with the philosophy of education at OPF Public School Larkana, the Student Council is a platform that readies the young ladies for leadership, teamwork & responsibility in their lives.

  • Student Council: Every year a council is elected through voting by the students. The Office bearers within the council are elected from each level of the school & college - these students, under the supervision of faculty mentors, are responsible for organizing & executing several event, activities & sports in the College.
    Our Student Council is a team of young energetic and enthusiastic members, who strive hard to perform their duties.
    • Designations of Student Council: The main objective of the Council is to develop leadership qualities in the students. The office bearers of the council are elected by the students.
      These are:
      1. President
      2. Vice President
      3. General Secretary
      4. Joint Secretary
      5. Prefects (a representative from each class)
  • Socities: Following societies are selected, each having relevant areas of responsibilities of arranging sporting events & other functions.
    1. English Literacy Society
    2. Urdu Literature Society
    3. Islamic Society
    4. Art and Culture Society
    5. Sports Society
    6. Environment Society
    7. Science Society
    8. Media Society
    9. Health Society
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