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OPF Public School Larkana Management Team Comprised of a vice principal and section head to Manage the school Under the Supervision of Madam Principal Miss Sultana Yasmeen. Vice principal look after the administration of their assigned sections (Middle-Secondary). Vice principal is responsible for maintenance of discipline: planning of timetables: vice principal oversee the completion of syllabus, checking of notebooks, parents- teachers meetings, Seating arrangements during examination in consultation with Principal and Annual stocktaking, survey and condemnation boards of the School Section Head responsible for provision of administrative facilities for sports functions/extra-curricular activities and administration of their assigned sections (Pre-Primary and Primary).

  • Ms. Sultana Yasmeen

    Year of Join:1989-11-28

  • Ms. AzraParveen

    Designation:Vice Principal
    Year of Join:2018-08-16

  • Ms. Nasreen Qurban Sheikh

    Designation:Section Head
    Year of Join:2018-08-16