OPF School Bhalwal

OPF Public school Larkana was established on 1st August 1989 with the slogan "Aiming high" and purpose providing quality education to children specially student of OP's and local also. To ensure excellence in teaching and learning so that each boy/girl will participate responsibility in a drive in changing world. With idea students and teacher's ratio individual attention for each and every student.

  • OPF Public School Larkana was established in 1980 with the vision to provide an enterprising institution in a Pakistani environment which provides and flourish the cultural and ethical values of Islam in the students of Overseas people who offer blood and sweat for the development of Pakistan since then it is flourishing the personalities with fundamental intellectual and physical skills and self reliance.

  • Laying Foundation
  • This vision had made the founders of OPF Public School Larkana starts the educational activities in the building which had all the facilities. In this building there was specious classrooms library and laboratories. Ms Sultan Yasmeen the founding Principal had started the institution with a team of efficient and dedicated staff.

Past Principal


    Past Principal PRINCIPAL FROM 25TH MARCH 1990 TO 17TH FEBRUARY 1996