Uniform Guidlines

The OPF Public School Larkana believes that uniforms play an important role in maintaining a culture conducive to cultivating virtuous scholars. In many respects the uniform is the face of the OPF. Uniforms encourage a sense of school identity and cohesion and also help to raise the standards of the school's academic and cultural pursuits. In addition to cohesion and identity, uniforms also serve to minimize distractions in the classroom thus contributing to a stronger learning environment. Non-conformity to the uniform code is a distraction we seek to avoid. This principle applies equally to distractive hair styles, hair color, makeup, and also to distractive behavior. Minimizing distractions allow us to maximize learning. A student must be in full uniform from the time he or she exits the car in the morning until he or she is in the car on the way home, unless students are changing clothes for an athletic practice or game. Boys uniforms are made of a light-colored shirt, long brown trousers The girls wear Shalwar Qameez suit of the required color and design.