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  • Education of the children is the joint responsibility of the parents/guardians and the school. A close liaison between the parents/guardians and the institution will go a long way in having maximum educational benefits to the children. For this purpose, the following instructions are laid down specifically for the parents/guardians:-
    • Parents/guardians are welcome to get their complaints suggestions/recommendations recorded on telephone on all working days at any time during working hours. They may even send these in writing to the Principal. Action will be taken accordingly.
    • They can see the principal in her office at 1:00 hrs to 2:00 hrs on all working days after obtaining a prior appointment on the telephone. Except in case of an emergency or in any unavoidable circumstances, the Principal will not attend to any parent who does not have a prior appointment.
    • The parents should attend parent/teacher meetings to keep themselves abreast of performance of their children in academics and other activities.
    • The school dues must be paid as per payment schedule within due date.
    • The Parents and Guardians are requested to cooperate with the institution in matters regarding discipline, uniform, attendance/punctuality and general behavior of their children/wards.
    • They are to ensure that their children/wards fully abide by the school rules and regulations.
  • Discipline
    Where, a student in the opinion of the Principal is guilty of misconduct or impropriety any penalty as listed below may be imposed upon him keeping in view the severity of the offence, the students may be:
    • Fined
    • Placed on probation for a fixed period not exceeding six months. If during the period he fails to improve his conduct, he may be rusticated or expelled from the institution.
    • Suspended from the roll of the institution for the maximum period of two weeks at a time.
    • Expelled or rusticated, from the institution. In this case a copy of the notification will be endorsed to the board.
  • Rustication or expulsion
    Rustication means the loss of one academic year so far as his appearance in a board examination is concerned. The period of absence from the school will, however, depend upon the time of the year when the penalty is imposed upon a student. After the expiry of the period of rustication the student will be eligible to seek admission in any institution subject to the permission accorded by the board. Neither the tuition fee shall be charged, to keep themselves abreast of performance of their children/wards in academics and other activities.
  • Security Measures
    • Due to prevailing security situations school administration has decided to take certain security measures. Parents are requested to kindly co-operate with the security staff.
    • Kindly ensure the pick and drop of children at proper time. i.e. not more than 15 minutes before and after the school timing.
    • Parents/Guardians are requested to kindly send their children with all things needed throughout the day including lunch. No visitor with lunch of the children will be allowed during the school hours.
The school administration is looking forward to the cooperation of the parents.